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Taking Stock of Your Career

  • 1.  Taking Stock of Your Career

    Ask Me Anything Expert
    Posted 01-05-2021 11:43
    "Our worst decisions are often the ones we don't even notice we make. To start identifying those hidden choices, try writing down the fundamental assumptions you've been making about your professional and personal goals." (Identify - and Mitigate - Risks to Your Career)

    A number of years ago, a good friend and executive coach encouraged me to practice evaluating my career path and current position for the value I bring and the paths the company offers to explore or expand my capabilities.  This has been invaluable advice in making decisions to advance my education, seek a position at another company, and keep my engagement and curiosity in expanding areas of information management.   

    How has taking stock of your career been useful?

    Lorelei Chernyshov, CIP, IGP
    Merrick Bank
    Assistant Vice President, Information Governance