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  • 1.  What has Remote Work Done for you?

    Posted 07-27-2020 11:04
    Since the onset of the Pandemic, remote work has allowed me to save money and use my time a more wisely.  Some examples are the savings in gas (and other types of transportation, like parking permits and train tickets), gym memberships, food and even coffee.  With those savings I plan to take care of some home repairs. Not to mention being able to catch up with relatives that wouldn't be possible otherwise.  I've been able to spend the time I would be traveling to/from the office on projects that needed attention.  There are talks of blended work schedules going forward due to social distancing, do you plan to incorporate anything you've learned in the past months going forward?

    Maria Richardson
    Records Manager
    Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler

  • 2.  RE: What has Remote Work Done for you?

    Posted 07-27-2020 12:41
    Personally, remote working has allowed me to better use my time as well.  While the lines are become a bit more blurred between work and personal (a real challenge when I now walk by my "work" office 24/7!), the elimination of a commute has definitely allowed me to commit a bit more to work and a bit more to myself and my family.  Like you, I've saved some money as well.  I haven't bought coffee outside my home since March and I realize it hasn't killed me!  I think that's a trend I'll keep going.  I've taken up some new hobbies as well.  

    On the work front, interestingly enough, it has helped me connect with my team in ways that didn't happen while we were all in the office.  Personally, we have done some team building exercises and other collaborative virtual events that have allowed is to become a tighter knit group.  Also, the need to reinvent and pivot the work and focus of those who previously were primarily focused on office based tasks has also allowed people to learn new things, and helped me to better identify everyone's strengths, weaknesses and interests.  

    We too are looking at what things might look like when the offices re-open, which includes re-evaluating as a whole the firm's culture and position on remote work.  I anticipate that many of us that can do our jobs from home may be encouraged to continue doing so now that we've proven we can be effective.  We will no doubt have to do some sort of staggered approach to people being in the office since the close quarters people sit in aren't conducive to social distancing (not going to work with 5 people crammed into a small room!).

    Leigh Isaacs
    Firmwide Records Manager
    Orrick Herrington Sutcliffe

  • 3.  RE: What has Remote Work Done for you?

    Posted 07-28-2020 09:48
    With working remotely, that commute time in the morning has become exercise time.  I get out and walk each morning and have time to eat breakfast and shower before walking into my home office to start work.  I feel great and it has become a habit.  I know it will end with it is too dark in the morning, but think I can replace it with some other form of home exercise.  The same is true for the end of the day. While I tend to work later, when I do leave that office, I take another walk to bookend the day.  I am wearing clothes I normally wear on weekends and have taken a sharper look at clothes and shoes I may be able to donate.  I had hoped to do some home improvements, but have had to pivot to unexpected home and car repairs.  But, these can be handled much easier from my home base.  I miss seeing colleagues in person, but with all the zoom meetings - I am not in the least bit isolated.  I have not heard of any changes to our work model yet, but think working from home will be allowable versus an exception going forward.

    Joanne Novak
    Program Manager
    Konica Minolta USA PRIME

  • 4.  RE: What has Remote Work Done for you?

    Ask Me Anything Expert
    Posted 10-14-2020 19:03
    I am still working remotely and most likely will be through 2012.  I am enjoying five mile walks at lunch or smaller walks between meetings to clear my head and keep sane during 2020.  In the winter months I would drive to work in the dark and return home in the dark so getting outside to exercise was not an option during the day.  Now it is.  Like Maria mentioned above, I am saving money on coffee by buying a milk frother and creating my own lattes and flat whites at home any time of the day.  This is a treat.  I also appreciate the integration of work and household chores.  I can put a load of laundry in the washing machine and then make the bed while listening to call.  The demarcation between personal life time and work time is blurred and integrated.

    Lorelei Chernyshov, CIP, IGP
    Merrick Bank
    Assistant Vice President, Information Governance