Special Interest Group: Women in Information Management (WIIM)

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  • 1.  Career Evolution - How Has Your Original Path Changed?

    Posted 10-07-2020 13:21
      Over the last decade, my career path has evolved to include a multitude of disciplines I never thought I would dive into and I have loved every twist and turn.  I am curious to know as we all strive to remain relevant how your paths have changed/evolved and what those changes have meant to you.  New titles, departmental shifts, continuing education, collabs, more money, more respect, etc.  This is such a unique, fun, and energizing time to be in the world of data and information and I really feel there is a place for all of us to thrive and grow.

    Amy Harrelson

  • 2.  RE: Career Evolution - How Has Your Original Path Changed?

    Ask Me Anything Expert
    Posted 10-14-2020 19:06
    Greatly, is my answer to your question.  Here I am finishing a graduate law program in data privacy and cybersecurity.  What was that 15 years ago?  I am now leading data mapping projects and PCI compliance workstreams.  Again, what was that 10 years ago?

    Lorelei Chernyshov, CIP, IGP
    Merrick Bank
    Assistant Vice President, Information Governance