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WIIM Webinar Recording - October 13, 2020

  • 1.  WIIM Webinar Recording - October 13, 2020

    Posted 10-14-2020 07:11

    The 3rd edition of our professional development series saw us discuss how to leverage negotiation strategies. Most professionals believe negotiating is the most challenging skill in business. However, when you learn how to negotiate, you understand how to leverage your skills and experience and get paid what you're worth! It's crucial to be better prepared when you sit down at the bargaining table. Whether you're negotiating for the raise you deserve, a new house or your next car, you'll want to be ready with proven negotiation strategies.

    Sherine Clarke, Founder and Host of The Path to Partnership Lawyers Summit will led this interactive, engaging session where we learnt how to:
    • Know your value, recognize your power and ask for what you're worth
    • Avoid the top 5 most common mistakes women make when negotiatingDavey20!
    • Prepare properly and be ready with what to say and how to say it
    • Practice negotiating tips for when you face tough male negotiators
    • Use the top 10 negotiation tactics when you're negotiating for more money

    It's important to learn these powerful negotiation tactics because whether you know them or not they are being used on YOU.

    Sherrine Clarke Photo
    Sherine Clarke
    Corporate Trainer, International Speaker and Host of the Path to Partnership Lawyers Summit
    Path to Partnership Lawyers Summit

    Sherine is an award-winning Corporate Trainer, International Speaker and the host of the Path to Partnership Lawyers Summit.

    She has trained employees in Fortune 500 companies, universities, government agencies, healthcare facilities and law firms. Corporate employees and organizations across Canada, United States, England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia have benefited from her leadership guidance and communication expertise.

    She has lent her career and business management expertise to the Ministry of the Attorney General, Department of Justice Canada, Samsung, Air Canada, Ernst & Young, Stikeman Elliot, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, NFL, Estee Lauder, McGill University, Fordham University and many other organizations.

    There's never a dull moment in her seminars! Sherine has a proven track record for igniting and motivating innovative leaders. Her gift for delivering powerful, exciting and encouraging seminars has been described as "exhilarating" and "life-changing".

    Georgina Clelland
    Chief Operating Officer
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