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OPEN Government Data Act -- Machine-Readable Records

  • 1.  OPEN Government Data Act -- Machine-Readable Records

    Posted 02-19-2019 20:12

    Signed into law by President Trump on January 14, the new OPEN Government Data Act (OGDA) makes openness, machine-readability, and schema-compliance the default for government information, including records subject to release under FOIA.

    It also directs OMB to compile a repository of schema standards (like ANSI/AIIM 22:2017) specified by standards development organizations (SDOs).  While it is unfortunate that AIIM abandoned its standards program, the OGDA requires consultation with the public to determine priorities for making records available in standards-compliant, machine-readable format.  So the opportunity still exists for members of AIIM to provide input individually and it would be good if AIIM could facilitate a collective response on behalf of its members.

    The references to FOIA, schema standards, SDOs, and stakeholder engagement are at stratml.us/references/HR4174.htm#FOIA & stratml.us/references/HR4174.htm#schema_standards & stratml.us/references/HR4174.htm#SDOs & stratml.us/references/... & stratml.us/references/HR4174.htm#collaboration 

    See also en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine-readable_document 

    Owen Ambur
    Chair, StratML Working Group