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  • 1.  Changes to the Chapter

    Posted 03-04-2019 10:55

    Dear AIIM First Canadian Chapter Members

    Your Chapter Needs You!

    We are blessed with a very large and geographically dispersed chapter, this provides us as chapter members with both challenges and opportunities. For those of us on the chapter organizing committee, it has and continues to provide many challenges. Last year when we surveyed the membership we heard from many chapter members who do not live in the Greater Toronto Area, and cannot make it into the city for the breakfast meetings the Chapter holds. You asked if there was a different way of doing things, a way that was more inclusive to the broader membership. At the same time our attendance numbers at the events we were organizing continued to drop.

    As a result, we have researched ways of doing things differently, and the bottom line is, that we think we need to embrace modern technology and become more of a virtual chapter. That is not to say we don't think face to face meetings have no place, but we think there are different ways of organizing them that will fit better with our huge Canadian geography ! So we are suggesting the following:

    • Membership makes the most of the Chapter Home on the AIIM Community site with it's discussion forum and announcement capabilities.
    • Members make greater use of the AIIM online communities, including this page and the special interest groups etc.
    • Members take local action to use the chapter site to set up virtual and face to face meetings that work for you, at a time and place that works for you. 
    • All members of the current organizing committee will step down ASAP, allowing new members to come forward and do a stint as chapter officers, bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas

    * If you are interested in taking up a role as a Chapter Officer / Committee Member please volunteer, and identify your self to us in the comments or by messaging us.

    The current set of Chapter Officers have all been in post a number of years. We love what we do, on behalf of our membership and we are indeed an award winning chapter, but our analysis of how to do things differently and better, led to some tough conversations and we think this is the best thing for the Chapter as a whole. Our fantastic chapter President Winnie has served as our "illustrious leader" with verve and enthusiasm second to none.  Scott, Janet, Irina, Daniela and Jed have all given selflessly of their time organizing and leading events. We have thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you for letting us do this on your behalf. However it's time for a change, so please check back to the Chapter Forum at the AIIM site as we organize a handover and please use that forum to put your hand up and volunteer to be part of the next set of leadership for the best chapter in AIIM !

    Jed Cawthorne on behalf of the First Canadian Chapter Committee Officers:

    Winnie Tsang, President
    Scott Cardle, Treasurer
    Janet De Guzman 
    Daniela Serban
    Irina Sedenko

  • 2.  RE: Changes to the Chapter

    Posted 04-01-2019 21:36
    One month after posting the message above and sending out my first email, we have had 3 volunteers, we really need 3 more for a full committee, so please consider stepping up and volunteering.



    Gerard Cawthorne
    Director Business Technology Strategy & KM
    BMO Financial Group