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Volumes in SharePoint 2013

  • 1.  Volumes in SharePoint 2013

    Posted 12-01-2016 13:24

    I'm working on a SharePoint 2013 solution with a client who is interested in knowing more about other organizations' volumes in SharePoint. Specifically, we're looking to see which other organizations--especially Broader Public Sector organizations--are using SharePoint for records / information / knowledge management, and if so how many documents (e.g., in GB or TB) are typically being managed. For the sake of clarity, I'm considering unstructured documents as MS Office-type content, including jpgs, pdfs and so on, but not web content or structured content like databases (Excel files would count as unstructured, even though they also act like databases sometimes).

    Please respond here or to me directly through email if you are using SharePoint 2013 and can share the volumes of unstructured documents that are being managed. Note: this currently does not include cloud storage solutions, i.e., I'm interested more in on-premises solutions.

    Stuart Bailey
    Cannonspark Consulting