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Non Standard Electronic Files

  • 1.  Non Standard Electronic Files

    Posted 09-28-2015 07:07

    OPG’s non standard electronic records are stored on several forms of media such as traditional hard disk, CDs, DVDs and magnetic tape.  Non standard records are those documents created using software and hardware required to meet specialized business requirements. Typically the specialized software and hardware is used by the specific business and is not installed across the corporation. The data/document owners must ensure that the records/data that is stored on these forms of media continue to remain readable and that the files have not become damaged, corrupted or altered.  The challenge is to ensure that the data files generated today can survive long term storage and still remain readable in the future. Data corruption/loss is sometimes referred to as “bit rot”. 

    The current process for confirming that the records/data remains readable is manual.  A report from Asset Suite (OPG’s EDMS) is generated which identifies all records (stored on non standard media) due for a 5 year review.  (Each record must be opened, read and checked to confirm its integrity)  The data/document owner is then required to provide written notification that validates the records can be opened and viewed.

    Please share your processes, tools, etc, on how you manage this type of information including storage and retrieval.

    Francine Van Sluytman
    IT System Analyst
    Ontario Power Generation