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Part Two - StratML Toolkit & StratML Cloud

The vision of StratML is to build a...results. In Part Two of "StratML Toolkit...& StratML Cloud", a follow-up to R...a StratML Toolkit and Cloud based...make the process of implementing StratML

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StratML Public & Private Sectors Uses - White Paper (2013)

foundation for StratML, and recent work on Part...released large-scale StratML White Paper. Below...which are meant to expose StratML's...Private Sector Focus: StratML could increase

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Discussion Post

-- Owen Ambur Chair, AIIM StratML Committee --

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Moving from Records Management to Engagement

As more and more software and services companies roll out social tools and features, jumping onto the bandwagon of the move to the social organization, managers at every level are being asked to investigate social -- and find out how it can benefit the organization. For what it's worth, I...

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Standards Program - Alive and Growing

StratML working group continues to confirm the

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Moving Never Easy

the StratML work that was in the AIIM

Discussion Thread 1

Focus Search - -- Owen Ambur Chair, AIIM StratML Committee --

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PROJECT CONSULT Newsletter Sammelband 2017

(USA) : "Technology Evolution, StratML