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  • Posted in: First Canadian Chapter (Toronto and Ottawa, ON, Canada)

    While taking the CMVP (Certified Measurement & Verification Professional) course last year in Arlington, I was introduced...

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  • Digital is changing people and organizations, not only in terms of technological opportunities, but also how people think about technology and its role in their lives. It’s no longer people who adapt to technology – rather, technology adapts to us (Accenture, Technology Vision 2017, Technology for People
  • Last week, we did a webinar on Next Gen Information Management – Succeeding in a New Era . The focus was our new white paper designed to start a conversation about the content management space -- Revolution or Evolution? 10 Strategies to Navigate the Shift from ECM to Content Services
  • [This is a guest post by Marko Sillanpaa . Marko is the founder of BMO Consulting. An organization that helps vendors and users navigate the ECM landscape. Marko’s has been working in the content management space for over 18 years. In the past, he was the Director of Product Strategy at Documentum, Enterprise Adviser at Hyland, and the Director of Global...


  • February Breakfast Meeting

    This month's breakfast meeting is on February 16 at the National Club in Toronto. We will be talking about Digital Transformation and Intelligent Capture.

    For this event, we invited Sandy Kemsley, an independent industry analyst specializing in business process management (BPM), to talk about the ongoing radical shift to digital platforms and new business models, and the role that intelligent information capture plays in this new paradigm.

    This presentation will look at how digital transformation is increasing the value of capture and text analytics, recognizing that these technologies provide an "on ramp" to the intelligent, automated processes that underlie digital transformation. Using examples from financial services and retail companies, we will examine the key attributes of this digital transformation. We will review step-by-step, the role of intelligent capture in digital transformation, showing how a customer-facing financial services process is changed by intelligent capture technologies. We will finish with a discussion of the challenges of introducing intelligent capture technologies as part of a digital transformation initiative.

    Sandy’s presentation will be followed by a short presentation/demonstration by ABBYY, the sponsor of this month’s breakfast seminar. ABBYY is a provider of intelligent capture and text analytics solutions.