Special Interest Group: Women in Information Management (WIIM)

1.  Thoughts on pillar simplification

Posted 4 days ago
I like the idea of simplification as stated a few times and I suggest something like this:

1) Empowerment  (this would include mentoring and skill sets not directly tied to education in order to position women in c level positions)
2) Education (obvious)
3) Outreach (this would include how to lobby for change in organizations to provide safe work environments,  using your voice for other movements that further positive change for women, visibility into unfair/ unethical practices etc.)

I like the idea of developing more specific platforms under a broader umbrella.

Happy Tuesday,

Amy Harrelson
Austin Energy

2.  RE: Thoughts on pillar simplification

Posted 4 days ago
​I also like the idea of simplified pillars but would also like to see that we include building  bridges between the pillars.  I also wondered about Online Chapters.  I cannot get to a Chapter meeting as I live too far away but would like to meet via an online meeting to chat about issues and hear shorter, informal speakers ( maybe by utilizing the knowledge of our members).

Christine Murphy
Electronic Records Officer
Manulife Financial