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07-19-2023 10:31

About Ripcord

Turn your documents into powerful data. At Ripcord, we use robotics, machine learning, generative AI, and cloud-based software to unleash the power of data trapped in your documents, whether they’re paper or digital, structured or unstructured, backfile or current, so you can automate key processes, access critical information, and unlock new insights. Ripcord's Document Intelligence as a Service™ (DIaaS) is a single-source document intelligence solution focused on delivering the data outcomes your business requires and helping you achieve digital efficiency.

By automating digitization, document classification, and data extraction and enabling customers to work with their documents in our  Generative AI-powered content platform Ripcord streamlines document-centric processes, accelerates recall, and simplifies compliance efforts.

Better still, unlike off-the-shelf products, DIaaS is tailored to your document types, your use cases, your workflows, and your SLAs. With Ripcord, you get the data you need, integrated into the systems you rely on, all subscription-priced and without costly set-up fees or human resources-intensive development and implementation.  

Powerful data creates real business value. With Ripcord, our customers including Coca-Cola, IRS, Warner Media, Allianz, MUFG, and many more have unlocked cost savings, operational efficiencies, and business insights while reducing risk. 


Phone: (855) 451-1053
Address: 30955 Huntwood Ave. Hayward, CA 94544, USA




















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