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07-13-2021 10:37

iText Software

iText is a global leader in innovative award-winning PDF software. It is used by millions of users-both open source and commercial- around the world to create digital documents for a variety of purposes.


530 Harrison Ave
Second Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
United States

Spring is in the air in many places, and, thankfully, COVID-19 hasn’t been able to hold back the iText development team. On the contrary, even - we’ve been going ahead full steam, and, as a result, the iText 7.2.0 release brings many updates and improvements to the entire Suite!

Updates to iText 7 Core and its add-ons 
Updates to iText 7 Core include more robust PNG handling, better handling of form fields, improved table splitting and other improvements. 

iText pdfRender: now available for .NET and other platforms
pdfRender is our latest addition to the iText Suite, launched only this January. As we’ve introduced a CLI (Command Line Interface) version with this release, .NET developers and others will now also be able to render images from PDFs. 

iText pdfHTML: new features and new major version (3.x) 
Substantial updates to one of our most popular add-ons, including: 

  • Line height property support 
  • Added control over widow/orphan content 
  • Improved line height calculation differences between browsers and PDF rendering 
  • Better creation of outlines

Additional changes 

  • iText pdfXFA – can now better handle lists in rich text fields,  
  • iText pdfCalligraph – better support for Arabic and Khmer scripts 
  • iText pdf2Data – more stable data extraction in cases of non-critical errors in PDF syntax.  

Check the release notes for the full details. 

Licensing: remote and local volume count reporting 
To make volume reporting more flexible, “Volume Subscription” license holders now have two options: either they can log their volume remotely, or they can use iText’s implementation of a local counter. Remote reporting is still the most convenient way, but users now have more options when choosing how they report their volume.

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