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Small and Medium Business - Going Paperless?

The biggest common thread and where each of these business want efficiency is paperwork. Managing the paper that is used to facilitate so many of the daily operations in each of these businesses has always been a challenge

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To Scan or Not to Scan

Business Value - Scanning paper that has little or no value to your business may not be the best way to spend your budget dollars. You should consider the content of the documents and evaluate the relative value of the content to your business process or to the organization

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Is This The Right Time For My Business To Start Scanning Documents?

It really is as simple as that one word answer when it comes to the question of Document Scanning for your business...Off-Site Vendor Options This step is the most crucial decision for the success or failure of document capture in your business

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The Real Power of Capture, an AIIM13 Q&A

Duhon: The value of capture used to be focused on getting rid of paper, thus reducing storage costs and providing easier access to paper. That’s steadily expanded to using capture as the start of business processes

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Trend towards Network Scanning

Users = Ease of use, intelligent scanning features, versatile functionality Business Managers = Improve business efficiency, higher worker productivity Network Administrators = Simplified deployment, effective device management Software Developers = Integrated solutions through a consistent user interface In essence a network scanner has four main qualities that are fairly common among devices and each quality can be mapped directly to the appeal points highlighted above

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Imaging’s 2.0 Image Makeover

As such, too few imagine that there are any e2.0 possibilities in this corner of the business. But even a small step back from the mechanics of backfile conversion or paper document capture reveals the existence of plenty of fertile opportunities for revamping key business processes and bettering the business model

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I Can't Make THAT Decision!, an AIIM 2014 presentation

Whether it's a document capture & recognition project or another initiative to automate processes, you must learn to reframe the value proposition in quantifiable business terms

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Production vs. Distributed vs. Workgroup Scanning --- Aren’t they all the same?

This combined with the advances in distributed computing capabilities (aka Cloud Computing ) makes scanning (aka Document Capture) a powerful ally of the business process. The Cloud Effect Cloud Computing will allow scanning and the accompanying “cloud based” image processing and storage capabilities to become much more widely adopted and entrenched in business processes

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