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How shopping for ECM is just like buying a suit

With some weddings looming on our family calendar, my wife took to encouraging me to buy a new suit . Now, I’m usually quite happy for my wife to buy me clothes as she has much better taste than me. However, a suit is something a bit different. It’s a more expensive purchase, I...

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Facebook or Twitter for the enterprise?

Social media is changing enterprise IT, and AIIM research shows that 47% of employees 18-30 years old now expect to use the same type of networking tools with their business colleagues as they do with their friends and family. The number changes to 37% for employees 31-45 years old, but many...

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Become a better technology shopper

The more advanced a technology becomes, and the greater the benefit it can provide an organization, the harder it is to shop for it. Sellers of enterprise capture software know what it takes to demo a solution, convey the value, and close a deal. Are you an innocent bystander in that process...

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