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[Webinar] What Manufacturers Can Learn from Agile Retailers

Successful B2B and B2C retailers have embraced agile commerce as an end-to-end cultural shift. Understanding the processes retailers use to cut down item on-boarding time, enrich product content and prep it for merchandising across multiple channels can help manufacturers improve time-to-order...

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How should a “Perfect” Search project be run?

It was Friday evening, and Charlie was meeting his friends for a drink. They all worked in IT and had, between them, years of experience, especially in the area of enterprises and enterprise search, and liked to get together to catch up with what each was doing. After a few pints and small...

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Cloudy with a Chance of Success

This post was inspired by this article on CMSWire by @billycripe and by the Cloud themed tweet jam hosted by CMSWire on November 17, 2011. As usual this is just my opinion. I’m not an expert on cloud computing, I’m just some guy that likes to be able to access the content...

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The Ones Most Adaptable to Change Survive.

Sustaining adequate quality control while assembling your electronic records management system (ERMS) is a huge piece of the implementation. Thanks to the slightest provocation, your ERMS will break. This has dangerous long-term repercussions for the team. When the level of quality drops below...

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