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Test Test Test & Convert your leads!

The other variations are the changes in the page which are being tested...Test results here can help you identify low hanging fruits. 2) Iterate – Online site testing is a long term strategy for website optimization

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Resistance to Change

In the previous blog that I posted (“ Progress at Different Paces ”), it was observed that user acceptance and adoption of records management and ECM systems appear to be a widespread challenge for many organizations

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How should a “Perfect” Search project be run?

It was Friday evening, and Charlie was meeting his friends for a drink. They all worked in IT and had, between them, years of experience, especially in the area of enterprises and enterprise search, and liked to get together to catch up with what each was doing. After a few pints and small...

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Procedures in an Amorphous World

My fear is that policymakers will lag behind developers and users in the acceptance of the features contained within the mutable platforms we are using today

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SharePoint is about Business Users, not IT

Get them involved early and often, have them participate in the testing, and give them visibility into the project requirements and planning...Be sure to include time for planning, testing, and post-deployment review (lovingly known as the post-mortem)

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Evaluating Enterprise 2.0 Solutions with a Usability Scorecard

A simple test for intuitiveness is if a user manual is required to understand commonly used features and functionality

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Not so ... FAST

Down in the boiler room here's where I'm not feeling the love yet: Unless you've been limping along with native SharePoint search, there are no out-of-the-box gratifications here Any looming leaps forward require some heavy off-UI scripting Testing those improvements requires a crawl cycle that defies the real-time response necessary to tweak a search platform effectively Oh, and the users?

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