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Webinar AIIM True North Feb 25 - Delivering a Successful Cloud Project

Title: Delivering a Success Cloud Project Description: The session will cover several aspects of moving to the cloud, starting with: 1) Overview of Cloud Services such as: understand the different types of cloud service models, understand benefits and challenges of each model, and start thinking about a decision framework for the right model for your initiatives; 2) Business Drivers for Cloud Services such as: understand the financial drivers for cloud services and understand the non-financial drivers for cloud services; 3) Common Cloud I nitiatives such as: a notional cloud service roadmap with milestones and dependencies; 4) Common Cloud Challenges such as: understand commonly encountered challenges and discuss some strategies for avoiding them or minimizing their impact; 5) Strategic Planning for Long Term Success such as: how to align cloud initiatives with business strategy and planning; 6) Measuring Success such as: move beyond measuring project success by budget and schedule criteria to measuring benefits realization including adoption and business value

 02-25-2021 | 13:00 - 14:00 ET

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There's more to a SharePoint environment than just technology!

This week AIIM announced the availability of a Certificate program focused on best practices for adopting and implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 that goes beyond technology to the necessary strategies and structures required to in effectively sharing and managing corporate information using the SharePoint 2010 platform. The need to look beyond the technology and take a holistic approach is echoed in a recent AIIM study, ’ SharePoint: strategies and experiences ’, which reveal that governance is sorely lacking in the majority of installations

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A Challenge to Records and Information Managers

Every day we have two choices 1)Take a risk or 2)Play it safe. The same is true with records and information management. Too often the focus is placed on “records” and not “information.” In the past no one would fault a RIM staff for managing the risk they know. With...

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