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Defining the Differences Between Information Governance, IT Governance, & Data Governance

The IG approach to governance focuses not on detailed IT or data capture and quality processes but rather on controlling the information that is generated by IT and office systems, or their output

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[Webinar] What Manufacturers Can Learn from Agile Retailers

And grasping the value of product data quality can turn your reputation for responsiveness into a “preferred supplier partner” status with those influential merchandiser teams

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Tablet PCs: The next big thing for OCR

Because of this, the opportunity for high quality, more usable image captures is far greater than that which exists with the iPhone’s three and a half inch screen. So long as the camera is able to take good quality pictures, full page documents will be able to be photographed and used while on the go, in ways that will make every user more productive

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Exceptions Happen!

There is benefit however, in finding the documents that are going to be a clear win, and using their success as a foundation moving when advancing to the more complex or lower quality documents

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Cost Of Error In Data Capture

I am constantly reminded in working with clients doing data capture that the cost of error is not well understood or dealt with effectively. For example, in one case, a single letter error on a stock certificate (which only costs about a penny to capture correctly) actually cost an organization...

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Service Bureaus: The Unheralded Heroes of Our Industry

If you are in need of a reminder, these are just some of the services that can be provided to you: Store and manage paper files and boxes including certified paper destruction when requested Document scanning/capture of virtually any size paper document or microfilm Improve image quality of deteriorating documents – saving documents after a disaster has struck and be an important step to recovery and restarting your business Conversion of the document image to a PDF or other formats as specified such as JPG Data extraction and upload to your back-end processes Data Entry OCR/ICR/Marksense Forms Recognition Indexing with your designated metadata/taxonomy Full-text conversion of large documents like contracts Redaction of data on the image such as a SSN or other PII Upload index data and image files to your system for search and retrieval Automate processes via workflow – such as an accounts payable process Store and host all of your electronic data Provide disaster recovery services Professional services/consulting to help you better understand how to make the best use of their services and your processes Be there to help your business work faster and be more productive – these companies like a challenge What kind of documents and information do they handle? Paper documents – can scan virtually any size including oversized document such as maps, engineering drawings, architectural drawings Documents can be in color or black and white, and the document image can be enhanced when the original document is of poor quality Film – a variety of film and microfilm can be digitized Microfilm Microfiche – jacketed or sheet Aperture cards Photographs – any size/color/condition Engineering Drawings Architectural Drawings Photo slides and Negatives Well logs and other “roll” type documents Xray and other special document types What Industries are they in?

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5 Major Myths About Big Data

It is an organization’s responsibility to use the information it is given to provide the quality products and services that customers are looking for

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How we can make EHR even more secure

The most effective way to accomplish this is to implement a file tracking system designed to account for all actions: folder pull, delivery, folder check-in, document preparation, scanning, quality assurance testing, re-processing, indexing/exporting/OCR, auditing, folder check-out and in-process check-out

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