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The Future of SharePoint (and Windows Phone 7)

A Similar Model Can Be Applied to WP7 As Brandon Watson , Microsoft’s Senior Director of Windows Phone 7 development said in Microsoft Wooing WebOS Developers Picking up traction among former WebOS devs is only the tip of the iceberg for Microsoft’s mobile dev efforts

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Microsoft and Nokia Together At Last: Smart Move for the Mobile Marketplace?

According to CNN Money, Nokia made 82% of the Windows Phone devices sold last quarter , even though Microsoft has deals with Samsung, HTC and others

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Often Overlooked

With all the talk about how Microsoft will bundle Yammer with SharePoint and deploy it on 4.6 gazillion Surface ™ tablets and all 42 Windows phones, it seems we are near the end of the “sliced bread” era

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Why Apple Sucks in the Enterprise

Simply put: the mid-market and enterprise are lucrative, and while Apple has to date relied on consumer driven corporate adoption, their consumer market share growth (and margins) are about to face stiff challenge from Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and Nokia

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The End of Great Mobile

It’s going to help Android apps look OK on every Android form-factor instead of looking OK on just one and it’s going to help Microsoft cinch that number three spot by making a lot of iPhone apps look no better than Windows Phone apps

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Evolution of UX in Microsoft Stack

It features a new tile-based Start screen similar to that of Windows Phone, which has replaced the previous Start entirely...Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 7 doesn’t display Web Silverlight content on their phones

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