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From System of Engagement to System of Record: Just Add Time

Time is what can transform the ephemeral, transitory content in our systems of engagement to something of value in a system of record...That's our System of Engagement for figuring out the future of the archives as a System of Record

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Come Together

” Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking/ranting/blogging/tweeting about unstructured content, social business, systems of record (SOR), Systems of Engagement (SOE), mobile stuff, and the whole thing about going paperless

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Talking Governance, Risk, ECM, and Productivity

A conversation between expert bloggers Chris Riley (to the left) and Dan O'Leary (right) about systems of engagement, systems of record, ECM, and how much is too much to worry about risk, compliance, and government

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Stop thinking in silos

In today’s discussion on the future of the ECM industry, terms like ‘Systems of Records’ versa ‘Systems of Engagement’ are often discussed

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Reimagining the Reengineering Dilemma

There was a lot of talk at the AIIM London event about the differences between "systems of record" and " systems of engagement ," but not every member participating in the workshop seemed to be comfortable with that change. What makes these kinds of discussions difficult is that most members are heavily invested in solutions and business practices around these "systems of record" -- that is what their businesses are built on, and why they are members of AIIM

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John Mancini discusses how to navigate some of today's biggest business challenges

The key to solving the problem lies in creating the bridges to connect systems of engagement with systems of record. Systems of record - the legacy systems that first digitized business - are still crucial, but they need to be effectively connected with today's systems of engagement - the technologies that allow people and businesses to connect with each other in new ways. As Mancini explains: " You can have all the elegant systems of engagement you want in the world, but if your systems of record aren’t keeping pace in the backend, then you have a recipe for frustration

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Disposing of Electronic Records with “Triggering Event” Based Retention Periods

The captured triggering-event dates must be transmitted to systems of record and associated with specific records. In other words, the event trigger metadata field must be populated and pushed to the system of record, and the records system (e.g., likely using records management software) must link the event date with the record(s) to which they apply

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Are "Systems of Engagement" Really All That New?

I believe there is validity to Geoffrey Moore’s notion that content management is moving away from “systems of record” and toward “systems of engagement

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