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More Companies are Taking the Paperless Route. Why?

An ink cartridge printing around 500 black and white sheets weekly for a small company can hover around $2,000 per year. While this may sound like an expendable amount for larger companies, a smaller company may feel the the cut from these paper documents a bit more (see what I did there?)

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Pricing Models and What Drives The Decision

Larger companies tend to avoid SaaS products, even great ones like, small companies tend to jump on top of any SaaS product that they think can help them progress

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A Little Web Security Goes a Long Way

Additionally, there is a general lack of education and awareness among presidents, CEOs, and employees of many firms, particularly small companies, of the risks they face while conducting business over the web. In Canada, for instance, according to Daddacool , nearly 50% of all small companies surveyed believed they face little or no harm from a security breach

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Capture Goes Mobile

He’s promoting this as the next wave and there are several small companies already doing this. You’d be right, at least regarding the existence of a couple of small companies already playing around in this area

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Asked, Answered and Counted

I am guessing that there are ways to measure adoption, but in a small company like ours, measuring anything is a difficult way to judge performance

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Enterprise 2.0, desperately seeking bosses

Like what happens in smaller companies or craft where relationships are easier (nearby) and often more direct, the leadership is crucial

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Why small businesses are investing in social collaboration

But what's interesting is that we are now seeing a tangible shift in the market whereby it’s actually smaller companies that are turning to social collaboration

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Do Governance Principles Change for SMBs?

Likewise, there are organizational structures and business needs that require strict control over their SharePoint environments…..but that could be said for smaller companies in tightly controlled fields with heavy regulatory oversight

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