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Divorcing Electronic Medical Records from the Patient’s Paper File Costs Lives and Money

In June, Bloomberg published a story that put the blame for a hospital patient’s death squarely on electronic medical records (EMR)...Between those two stories, you have the current state of electronic medical records

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Visualizing the Medical Practice of 2015

Some benefits will come directly from EHRs – also known as electronic medical records (EMRs) – such as quicker billing and improved compliance with evidence-based medicine

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Fraud and Abuse are Bad – But Disease and Death are Worse

A January 8 story in The New York Times shone a bright light on the perils of implementation for electronic health records. “The report was critical of the lack of guidelines around the widely used copy-and-past function…available in many of the largest EHR systems. The...

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Document imaging for healthcare

Electronic medical records ( EMR ): Increasing the access to medical records documents both historic and current

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Why a Network Scanner?

These integrations offer tight interoperability with business systems such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repositories, Line of Business (LOB) applications, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other third-party solutions

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The Information Media Continuum

However, two of the primary impediments to universal adoption of electronic medical records are the cost of automating patient information gathering in a primary care physician’s small office and the cost of conversion of backlogs of medical records residing there

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