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Secure, efficient document sharing: Finally a reality?

Document sharing is the lifeblood of many organizations...The combination – truly private, efficient document sharing – has long been a vexing proposition...Of course, not all hard copy document sharing is unsecure

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Do you need a Center of Excellence?

Because effective content management solutions need to be designed; and in most organizations, SharePoint 2010 is rolled out as a document sharing and collaboration platform with little if any thought to overall information architecture

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Are you doing enough to stop document leaks?

Without a compliance strategy in place to manage document sharing, end users will resort to e-mailing and printing documents, or they will employ online collaboration tools that are not designed for security and traceability

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Remember: Portal is a Noun, Collaborate is a Verb

As the article title suggest, you need to remember that your portal is more like a noun: it is a destination, a launching point into multiple enterprise systems and tools, a place where people can find information that does not quickly change (employee directory, HR policies and forms, shared calendar) and entries into focused collaboration (document sharing, social networking, threaded discussions)

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What is Knowledge Management 2.0?

While there is a promise that platforms like SharePoint will “do it all”, organizations have to move beyond simple document sharing and leverage these all-inclusive technology platforms as a collaboration system before it can be considered a system of knowledge

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Email - let's not shoot the messenger

I think we all recognise that it has its faults - it's shocking for group collaboration activities such as group discussions and document sharing/collaboration, and it's the source of so much wasted time through having to wade through absurd volumes of (often irrelevant) messages

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While Leaders Debate, People Lead

Business professionals are looking to take advantage of the many capabilities cloud collaboration can provide including: - Multiple users working simultaneously on a document stored in a central place - Mobile access - Simple document sharing inside and outside of a network - Elimination of reliance on email and the issues created by multiple versions of a working document in circulation A common, not to mention valid, objection from IT managers and C-level leaders is the lack of security and governance in the cloud

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Enterprise 2.0 Failure: My Story

It was my idea that by giving these distinct groups of employees a collaborative space in which they could interact with others of their kind through discussion boards, document sharing and link sharing the company could benefit

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The Reports of SharePoint's Death are Greatly Exaggerated

A swiss army knife in a world of flashy and focused paring knives, all claiming to make document sharing and content management simple and easy

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Metadata integration between SharePoint and Word

This is typically a library which they own, probably in the context of a completely different task Using Google docs, Skydrive or another online document sharing tool

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