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CMIS – Redefining the Content Interoperability Space

ACMIS compliant content repository can interact with other similar content repositories, making it simple for business users to work on content stored across disparate systems

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Social: the fabric of collaboration

Social should be the glue that connects all our existing tools and activities together, turning them from being disparate systems to a network of information sources that can be leveraged and shared right across the organisation

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Slash E2.0 Management Costs - Be like an LDAP Service

Over time this can create huge issues that ultimately drive up management costs and clutter an enterprise architecture with similar, but disparate systems that are isolated, each requiring different expertise for management

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Different Systems and Different Silos - A Real-life Disaster

And, with the data recorded in two disparate systems

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The Future of LOB App Integration

And not just to achieve the vision of a single sign-on platform, which we successfully (and painfully) built years ago -- but to truly integrate those disparate systems through a single, user-friendly system

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The Format is the Message

How long does it take to integrate disparate systems that feed convergent formats, i.e. internal Facebooks How long does it take to generate and then customize the boilerplate graphics that go into your customer-facing reports and communications?

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Records Management and eDiscovery Converge!

Current practices, which involve searching each of these disparate systems individually, have proven to be time and labor consuming, and often result in lost cases due to the inability to produce responsive records

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RM’s that know SharePoint can have jobs for Life

Surfacing Data (Martin spoke about the advantage of integrating disparate systems) User Experience (This is Byron and Blue Rooster’s Expertise) As-Is & Change Management Don’t Pave the Cow Paths (this was my point on this topic … from one of my favorite books “ Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers ” – Don’t just rebuild the old processes

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