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Capture Two Years From Today

The use of Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) technology has delivered significant cost savings in relation to minimizing and/or eliminating human touch and involvement throughout the capture process. These cost savings are usually realized during the runtime execution of the capture system

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Social Onboarding Dashboard - 5 Tips to Enable and Retain Talent

A small improvement can result in a big time and cost savings for the organization. The return on a creating a more focused user experience for new hires equates to hard, bottom line, cost savings

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ROI for E2.0 – Money Talks

Provided below is a real example of how a blended solution of face-to-face activities and an E2.0 solution lead to real cost savings in a deployed solution

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Decisive ROI numbers from Analyst Firm wins ECM battle

Reduced paper filing and storage costs, reduced real estate space, increased speed at finding what you’re looking for within seconds as opposed to hours, reduced regulatory compliance costs… translate to big cost savings. But by how much?

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A Simple Case for E-Forms and Self Service

The cost savings, both actual and potential, have huge implications for companies in the private sector and at all levels of the public sector

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Making Records Management a Part of the Solution

With that said, the concept of records has to be pitched with a cost savings value. Simply, the new HR solution will drive improved efficiencies and productivity (cost savings) and the records element has to do the same

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Take Two Updates and Call Me in the Morning; an AIIM 2014 Presentation

HCSC Line of Business and Technical leadership will detail business and technical milestones, focus on content migration, repository consolidation, business process improvement, cost savings, end user impact and overall project success criteria

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Information Is Currency

If you follow me on Twitter, which you probably don't since I don't even need all my toes and fingers to count me follower you know my twitter handle is info currency which is another way of saying information currency. When we typically think of currency we think of money, time,...

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"Hang Loose" and Ride the Wave of Change

In fact, it’s not much of a stretch to expect that digital natives will demand paperless processes not so much because they recognize the cost savings or business benefits but more likely because they are comfortable with technology and want the convenience and speed of electronic transactions and interactions

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