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Enterprise "Content" Management - is that the right word?

WCM products provide authoring tools, templates, approval workflow, and publishing tools to make the process of creating and managing web site content easier and more controlled

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Is ECM Second Tier?

When you consider the features that SharePoint offers, versioning, auditing, content approval, workflows, and so on, I think you might agree that SharePoint is truly ready to hold important documents

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When the Ideal Solution is not the Ideal Solution

The operations group uses a document review and approval workflow embedded in their Enterprise Content Management system to update existing operating procedures

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SharePoint, Workflow, and Digital Signatures in 3 Pictures

It contains a variety of ways to do non-wet, non-hardcopy signatures, including Digitized Signatures, like signing a credit card transaction on a tablet, “click here” buttons in approval workflows, pasting in bitmaps

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SharePoint capability of managing content and the Content Organizer

For example, SharePoint has an approval workflow. This approval workflow allows a document to be sent to a set of users for review

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BPM vs Workflow – Which to Choose

I’ve designed SOX compliant contract approval workflows for a Canada based biotech firm that were freaking complicated, but could easily have been contained within ECM workflow from most of the Gartner ECM MQ upper right quadrant residents

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A Manageable Taxonomy of Taxonomy Management Tools

Maintenance and Governance includes modifying and administering all aspects of the taxonomy in a controlled manner, approval workflows, and activity logging

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