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Document Processing Opportunities that can Improve Customer Experience

In terms of new account applications processing, the latest improvements in advanced capture and document processing technologies are making it easier and more seamless for businesses to collect and store information on new accounts – from bank account applications to insurance and health care forms to government services

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Touch Points

Likewise, clerical staff in the back office and customer facing agents in the front-office alike either touch the information (e.g. new account applications) or point (sometimes quite literally) to where it is or to where it (or the customer) should go

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What Is Integrative Middleware?

In fact, a key benefit of using ECM as integrative middleware is that it enables organizations to standardize the central system while customizing the delivery of information based on departmental needs, providing consistency, security and transparency to users through familiar applications they use every day.For example, legal department staff might access content stored in your ECM system via a contract management system, whereas a finance clerk would gain access to content via an accounting application like Peoplesoft

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Technology Dependency Planning

For instance, if as a small/medium business (SMB) you are using your older laptop as a backup office machine, you may now be trying to maintain two versions of operating systems, email accounts, applications software and data repositories

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Let’s Be Better Records Managers

An accounting application vendor wants to include records management services in the next release of its flagship product, but doesn’t see a need for a Vital Records Management processing feature?

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