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Better E-Discovery: Unified Governance and the IGRM

" How the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) Complements ARMA International’s Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (GARP®) For pointers on implementation, this ABA article describes how an organization’s team of in-house attorneys, lead outside counsel, RIM, and IT professionals can be instrumental in guiding discussions with business management to achieve better eDiscovery by implementing a unified Information Governance (IG) program

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Bringing eDiscovery in-house is the way to go, but beware of the risks!

Bringing eDiscovery in-house is the way to go. At least, that is what recent surveys and analyst reports confirm. Reports from Gartner, IDC, The 451 Group, the eDiscoveryJournal (, Enterprise Strategy Group, and many other sources all point in the same direction:...

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 1 of 3

George Socha and Tom Gelbmann, building on the success of their E-discovery Reference Model (the EDRM), have created the Information Governance Reference Model. Peeling back the covers of the Information Governance Reference Model, one quickly concludes that it is merely a restatement of the contents of the “Information Management” box in the EDRM (which, incidentally, was originally labelled “Records Management”), with “Unified Governance” added as something that ties all the elements together

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Off the Road Again

See if any of these sound familiar: Check out the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) and see if I can use it as a “change initiator” to help garner support for my initiatives Search for “Chief Information Governance Official” to see if anyone has that title (FYI – initial search results were negative) Explicitly identify “Design Principles” in SharePoint Governance Model Build list of SUCCESSES (to go along with list of the “current projects list”) so that at the very least, I am reminded of what has been accomplished Halloween Public Relations Opportunity – create “Hall of Horrors” with information governance knowledge contests and prizes and examples of “records horrors” Create physical presence for the program in a high traffic area with visuals that show what we are working on and be prepared for resulting “drop in conversations” Connect with other Minnesotans I met at the event via LinkedIn Check out the Privacy by Design Standard/Guideline/Principle Clean up emails Take the Organization DNA Profiler survey at: Start watching the Certified Information Professional Training Videos and prepare to take the test (using the free voucher I got by attending the Boot Camp) Do laundry It seems like every time I go to a conference, I come back with new information that has me wanting to try something new or different at work

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Will a Records Destruction Notification be required in the Future?

This partnership is reflected in the Information Governance Reference Model found at: I appreciate that this notification practice in the past was often due to poor RM discipline and inconsistency in documenting our holdings

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