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Keeping IT Alive

I have been reading many predictions from the modern Nostradamus’ out there (should that be Nostradami?) that the end of the IT department is near. Rigid, stingy and mean seem to be the characterizations of choice, along with out-of-touch. Well, as the head of our small IT department, I am...

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Next Week โ€“ NOLA

Next week I will be giving a presentation at the AIIM Conference titled “Four Fried Chickens and a Coke.” If you are too young to get the reference, find a way to watch The Blues Brothers and think about the mission. Not the music, the jokes, the slapstick comedy done with cars and...

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It Came From The Cloud

This is a highly desired approach, especially from a customer service and consumer purchasing perspective...Retail orders, bank transactions, and even customer service issues that are triggered by monitoring social media activity like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

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Issues dealing with outsourcing of Content Management project at UAMS

In two of the departments they had already invested in a Outsource Content management system (Ivise and Papervision) Advantages that the department wished to acquire with this outsource : ° Reduce Business Cost ° Time Savings from filing ° Expand other Services to be performed by present employees ° Enable employees to have more time for customer service ° Limited personal and space Disadvantages that the departments encountered after the outsourcing relationship was implemented : ° Renewal of Licenses cost every year ° Charged extra for additional items scanned and indexed or any changes made to the application. ° Lack of Support (Paying for a service they expected special treatment and better customer service)

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Ten Benefits of Going Paperless

Improved Customer Service Searching for files while a customer waits on the phone is not an efficient process. When digital documents can be found instantaneously by keyword search, customer service can greatly improve. 9

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Putting a Claim on OCR in the Insurance Industry

Whether it is for claims, customer service contracts, account openings or an explanation of benefits, there is an abundance of paper in the insurance industry

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E2.0 + CRM = SCRM

As those of you who are regulars here might expect, I want to look at SCRM a bit more broadly, to consider how technology plus operational changes plus new strategy all impact how E2.0 and traditional CRM can work together to help organizations transform their customer service function

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