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  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    To my mind, this discussion on "file" vs "document" vs "record" etc... does not have a right and a wrong ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Hello  Pauli, Good point, but I would say this speaks more to the software than naming convention.  Tools ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Lorne - yes I know, and in fact that is my general advice to users as well (avoid dashes, use spaces ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Paul, Agree with everything you said (heartily!), except the very last point about the dates. ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    I personally see having a restriction around using spaces in a file name as an artificial restriction ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Rhonda, Bud, it is not good practice to add dates or version numbers to filenames, except in very specific ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Excellent thought. Thank you Rhonda Hazlett Olin Corporation Document ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Rhonda, thanks and an important point if you want files to sort in chron order. And if you do manual ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Pauli, thanks for the mini-tutorial. I don't think most people would even think about how these three ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Carl, thanks. Migration of files, especially ones with non-standards names is problematic. Bud ------------------------------ ...


  • Mentorship Program

    Did you know AIIM launched (re-launched for those who go back a couple of years) our Mentorship program.

    We know that our AIIM Members are often seeking advice through a project, or some professional coaching - who better than another AIIM Member to do this with?

    AIIM Members can choose to be a Mentor, or a Mentee or perhaps even both. You can select topics, frequency of connections, length of time for the program - it's pretty flexible for all involved.

    All you need to do is go up to the top navigation bar on this site and under "Find a Member" click on the "Enroll in Mentorship Program", this system will ask you a few questions about your involvement and then the matchmaking happens - give it a go.

    There are already some super productive "Mentor Success" taking place - don't miss out on your opportunity for a deeper connection with the AIIM Tribe. More

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