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    I vote for 2 - criminal investigations. ------------------------------ Douglas Schultz ------------ ...

  • Posted in: Office 365

    Sona, The only aspect of holds that are at a user level is for mailboxes, and that's because ...

  • Posted in: Office 365

    Thank you Robert. I will go through the links posted and come back if any questions? Kind regards Sona  ...

  • Posted in: CIP Study Group

    2 and 4. ------------------------------ Padmasundari Rajkumar Records and Imaging Supervisor Ohio Police ...

  • Posted in: Office 365

    Welcome to the club Sona.  You may find the following article useful https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/legal-hold ...

  • Posted in: Office 365

    Thank you Lorne. So how can we apply litigation hold on future Teams channel conversations and sharepoint ...

  • Posted in: Office 365

    Hi Sona, Well first off Teams doesn't store any documents itself. Documents are kept either ...

  • Posted in: CIP Study Group

    Hi all and happy Monday from a very cold and snowy CO! This week's question comes from Domain 3, Digitalizing ...


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  • As you already know, people are more likely to follow your rules after they buy in to the reasons behind them. But you can take it one step further, and provide your “rules” as solutions instead of orders. Amazon’s Kindle publishing team understands this concept well. I was preparing the Kindle edition of my recent book , following...
  • In this episode of AIIM On Air , I speak with Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership for Iron Mountain. We discuss the biggest impacts on the workplace from Covid-19 and the challenges and opportunities of the new normal of business today.

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