Overwhelmed and Over It

When:  Jun 19, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM (ET)

In today’s busy world where you are expected to multi-task in ways that even wonder woman couldn’t handle, it’s easy to fall into a hectic rhythm where your life begins to run you. Unable to push, hold it together or make it happen anymore, we are overworked, overwhelmed and over it! 

In this interactive and session full of feminine wisdom, created so you leave with new personal insight and practical tools you can use in your day to day life, women’s leadership advisor and best-selling author, Christine Arylo, will illuminate and share with you:

  • Why Work/Life Balance is a faulty equation that is impossible to maintain – including why it’s not your fault you can’t figure this out, and why you are the only one with power to change it.
  • A new equation for cultivating both professional success and personal sustainability – that gives you the power to meet the intensity of your life without becoming overwhelmed and burned out by it.
  • Which of the 9 types of OVER giving in work and relationships are causing “self-created stress” – the deeper reasons behind why you drive yourself so hard, pressure on yourself, and find it hard to slow down or give yourself what you need.  
  • A “recipe for resilience” for starting your day that gives you the super power to stay centered, clear and calm within the swirl of the world – so you can show up as the radiant, courageous and confident being you are.
  • The 3-minute power practice of “Feeding the Feminine First” - that has the power to free you from the burnout cycle and the self-sacrifice shackles for good.


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