May DC Info Pros Happy Hour with Theresa Resek!

When:  May 16, 2019 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  National Capitol Chapter

How Do You Address the Elephant in the Room when You Can’t Call It an Elephant?

Join your fellow Information Professionals for a night of food, drink, sharing, learning, and fun. We'll be having an open discussion on making the case for information management.

5pm: Socialize over food and drinks (included with registration)
6pm: Our program begins including discussions about our Summer Social!
7pm: Continue to network and chat

Our Speaker:
This month, our speaker it Theresa Resek, the Director of Webinars & Content Marketing Services at AIIM International.

Theresa is a brilliant person and has been immersed in user stories around managing content and information for quite some time. Just her anecdotes alone are worth the price of admission.

Our Topic:
Many executives and business leaders could care less about “Intelligent Information Management” or “ECM” or “Information Governance” or “Records Management” or “Intelligent Capture” or “Process Improvement” or or or…

Yet those of us those who do understand these terms, and the impact they have on our organizations, are very concerned about getting these messages across to those who control the budgets and make the big decisions.

How are you getting the point across to YOUR organization? How are you “selling” it, and are people “buying” it? How do you get YOUR initiatives off the ground?

Join us as we have a brainstorming discussion about:

- Overall strategies on how to talk about IIM (and all that it encompasses)
- Language shifts for when you’re trying to educate and/or convince/persuade/influence: Exec / C-Suite, Team leaders, Colleagues, and the “other side” – ideas coming from Biz or ideas coming from IT
- 20 KSAs needed to influence discussions on Intelligent Information Management (KSA = Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)

We know that the answers to all these questions start with “it depends” – on the organizational structure, culture, personalities, audience, etc. Today we’ll share different ideas that might spark THE perfect solution for you and your situation. So let’s talk about how to talk about that elephant – and artfully avoid the steaming piles it does leave behind.

This event, like all our speaker events, is eligible for 1 hour of educational credit for your PMP, CIP, or other continuing education certification requirements.


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