WIIM Webinar: Extinguish Burnout

When:  Feb 19, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (ET)

In this next WIIM Webinar, we're joined by the husband and wife team (with a great blended family story), Rob and Terri Bogue to discuss their new book and findings.

Terri and Rob have both struggled with and recovered from burnout more than once.  As they helped one another through the struggle they found that most of the information about burnout was not helpful.  They started looking for the underlying causes of burnout and finding ways to keep from experiencing that pain again.  Through the process of writing the book, Extinguish Burnout: A Practical Guide to Prevention and Recovery, they developed two models that helped them understand the process that leads to burnout and better yet ways to become more resistant to burnout.  Join them as they share their journey and passion in extinguishing burnout.


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