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  • Thank you. I'm so happy to be apart of this community and look forward to using the knowledge gained to continue growing in my career. ------------------------------ Doris Harry TIAA ------------------------------

  • Thank you @Ally Norat . I am super thrilled about the certification. I am now looking for job opportunities anywhere in the world. Please share any open opportunities. ------------------------------ Dennis Maranga ------------------------------

  • Hey there, amazing community members! As November comes to a close, let's take a moment to celebrate each other's victories, big and small. Whether you've completed a project, taken a step closer to your goals, earned a new certification, landed a ...

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  • My updated IGIM events listing, with more than 50 events, is now live at . If I missed your event, let me know and I'll get it added. ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Records Inventory

    Hello ... As you said records inventory will be a lengthy and potentially burdensome process for users to take on and I would like to suggest you to have a reference about some practices from public sectors like : Records Inventory - Data Elements ...

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  • I am brimming with pride right now. On November 27, 2023, the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) debuted a new version of the Certified Information Professional (CIP) credential. On November 27, I also found out that I had earned my CIP!
  • I was inspired to write this post after listening to an episode of “This Week in Windows” on Leo Laporte’s TWIT.TV podcast network. Leo and one of his co-hosts got into an interesting discussion on the use of Generative AI like ChatGTP with respect to search on the internet. Leo seemed to be making the same mistake many do, and confusing the concepts of using a search engine to answer...
  • AI in the Real World

    Recently, I was lucky enough to be part of a networking group that got to see a real world demo of Chat GPT in a highly practical use case. The use case was focused on internal search within an organization and utilized the strengths of Chat GPT as a Large Language Model (LLM). The organization demonstrating the use case explained they used a conversational use interface (UI) that focused on user experience...


  • Milwaukee Bar Association Law & Technology Conference

    Registration is now open for this year's Law & Technology Conference on November 17th!

    Artificial Intelligence is all the buzz these days.  Attend this conference to learn how to use AI in your practice and learn how your clients are using it.  Explore the ethical considerations and ramifications that come with this new technology.  See if you can "beat the bot." Learn more about the Milwaukee tech scene and its impact and ties to the practice of law.

    Earn 7 CLE Credits, Including 1 Ethics Credit!

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