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    I am the records manager for a newly developed Records department for Data Integrity. I have records management experience in legal but managing PFLs and SFLs records for gas operations has been a challenge. I'm in the process of developing a records ...

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  • I'm new to the oil and gas industry, and I'm also interested in joining in on the meetings.  Please count me in too. ------------------------------ Margaret Cervantes Records Manager DTE Energy ------------------------------

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  • A Look at Information Overload It’s no secret that organizations today are swamped by information. According to AIIM, organizations expect the amount of information they must manage to increase by 4.5x in the next 18 months. Add to this the massive and immediate shift to remote working in 2020 and the impacts of...
  • The Difference Between Intelligent Document Processing and RPA — Or Is There One? For many businesses, content and data capture tools are highly sought out, particularly in the banking and insurance sectors. With so many different types of documents required to operate and adhere to compliances, the need for capturing data accurately and quickly, especially unstructured data, is ever growing. As a...
  • Understanding the Key Factors that Affect How Much Document Automation You Can Achieve When the word “automation” is brought up in a conversation, most people think of something that is completely handed over to machines. And that scenario can be true if the tasks involve very straightforward, highly repetitive work with little variance. Think of processes like provisioning an email account for a...

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