Texas: Southwest Chapter

  • 1.  ERMP and ERMM

    Posted 10-07-2015 14:34

    What's an ERMP and ERMM? I'm glad you asked that! ERMP is Electronic Records Management Practitioner and ERMM is Electronic Records Management Master.

    How can you become an ERMP or ERMM? I'm also glad that you asked yourself that! You can achieve the ERMP and ERMM designation by completing the AIIM ERM training. In November, our expert trainer will be in Houston to deliver our ERMP and ERMM training courses. You still have time to register for the class. (ERMP will be on November 3 and 4 and the ERMM is November 3 through 6.

    We even have a couple of sweet deals to offer you if you want to take this course in Houston. To register and get one of the sweet deals, please contact Michelle Turner at mturner@... or at 301-755-2684. 

    Betsy Fanning, CIP
    Director, Standards and Chapter Relations