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Rant - Why Naming Data Owners at the Domain Level Never Works

  • 1.  Rant - Why Naming Data Owners at the Domain Level Never Works

    Posted 12-28-2020 18:20


      Any of you fighting the fight of data ownership in an organization?  I am so tired of some people saying data ownership is determined at the domain level.  I mean to be fair perhaps 20% of the data that stays in one domain can be determined that way but really what about the other other 80% that moves throughout the organization?  I have been working on this proposal for a while to teach orgs about data ownership at the set level v. domain.  If you come from the RIM world you get it.  You know information moves and someone who may own data in finace made of the same elements as someone in HR really should not own it thru the entire lifecycle and make decisions in a silo.  It is about context in the long run and thus should force orgs to work more togther and acknowledge the value of process mapping and then mapping process to upstream and downsteam data use.  This is why I teach in terms of data sets. Anyone else doing this?  I would love to talk thru this concept with ya'll and get your ideas on it.  I strongly believe if you are doing a crawl run walk type of progression of your data governance/enablement/management that domain is a start but not the be all end all.  We have to educate the masses on what the definitions mean and how to apply them on the business side.  I do this by equating pieces and part of a record they can see to data governance termonology and then when comfortable there move on to rows in a database. It seems to work and make things far more tangible to the business.  I have to also expalin to the tech folks that data is not used the same way by everyone even if they are capturing almost the same info.  What a time to be in this field.  I am totally pulling my hair out and loving it all at the same time.

    Amy Harrelson