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Long-term archival of public meeting multimedia

  • 1.  Long-term archival of public meeting multimedia

    Posted 11-24-2020 16:53
    I am looking for a solution to store archival copies of public meeting audio and video - as you can imagine, the video files can be quite large so cost is a factor as well as simplicity. They don't need to be secure or quickly accessible since these are pubicly available i.e. YouTube.  This is exclusively for long-term archival.

    In the past, we've used optical (e.g. archival class Blu-Ray media) for long term archive storage of electronic records. Is this still the best option? A few years ago I saw flash storage designed for archival that was designed to last longer than consumer grade but now that we have a need, I can't find it anywhere so it no longer appears to be available!

    thank you for your ideas!

    Edward Frankovic
    IT Project Manager
    Tulare County ICT