Special Interest Group: Government

  • 1.  Transition of Records

    Posted 09-29-2016 09:50

    As we are all aware, we are in an election year! Regardless of who wins the election, we will have a new administration in January 2017. With a new administration, comes the need to transition electronic records. Transitioning records is not only an issue for the government. When organizations merge or divest of units, the records of the organization need to be properly transitioned. 

    NARA, National Archives and Records Administration, has assembled some guidance for agencies on transitioning their records. This guidance is applicable to any organization that must transition their records. You can find the NARA guidance at https://records-express.blogs.archives.gov/2016/07/26/new-transition-related-materials/.

    Betsy Fanning, CIP
    Director, Standards and Chapters