Special Interest Group: Government

  • 1.  So now what?

    Posted 10-23-2015 09:53

    OK, first off, the connectivity was "rocky."  Who in government hasn't experienced that?  But we did it, we got out of the starting blocks (click to download slides.)  Where do we go from here?

    We need anyone even remotely interested in what we are, or what we hope to become, to join the conversation.  The federal office is a challenging place to work.  Pressure to decrease spending, decrease the size of our workforce, it's all coming at a time when our information related challenges are bigger than ever.  Whatever your agency, you're experiencing some version of this.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to talk with your colleagues across the federal space and find out what they're doing that's working?  You can in the FEDSIG.

    Workflow, electronic records repositories, collaboration, data analytics, search, the user experience... We all need to solve these puzzles to insure that our government works well for us as members of the workforce, and for our fellow citizens (the FEDSIG is a bunch of patriots after all, clearly not chasing the bottom line.)  If this arouses your professional passions, email bfanning@... and join us.  Share your victories, defeats and lessons learned with the fellow members of your tribe.

    My fellow members of the planning team and I thank you for joining us and look forward to meeting many more of you virtually and in person when possible!

    Mark Patrick
    Chief, Information Management Division
    Joint Staff, US Department of Defense