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Why People Join Online Communities

  • 1.  Why People Join Online Communities

    Posted 10-14-2015 07:28

    While planning for our 22 October 2015 kickoff meeting, I came across this on Twitter.  Click the link for the entire article, but it opens with this...

    "Broadly speaking, people join a community for one of four reasons:

      • They want to contribute to getting something done – shared purpose
      • They want to connect with others in a similar life condition – shared circumstance
      • They want to acquire or impart knowledge or skills – shared practice
      • They want to explore or express their passion – shared interest."

    Good food for thought for the planning team.  What are you looking for in a community like our Federal Government Special Interest Group?  Have you read our draft goals and policies?

    Join us in the FEDSIG!

    Mark Patrick
    Chief, Information Management Division
    Joint Staff, US Department of Defense