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Your biggest information management challenges

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    Ask Me Anything Expert
    Posted 08-12-2019 14:40
    Hi all,

    If you don't know me, I run the Certified Information Professional (CIP) certification program here at AIIM and I teach a lot of our training courses. One of the things I'm always interested in is how we can make what we do more directly relevant to different audiences. This goes to the examples we use, the discussions we set up, in-class exercises, etc.

    With that in mind, I'd like to ask all of you: What are your biggest or most painful information management challenges? In previous courses I've taught to companies in this sector, most of whom were upstream, one of the bigger ones was the hand off of information from exploration to production: what needs to be transferred, what do you do with what doesn't get transferred, how do you verify it all and ensure it's complete, etc. Another one is the need for effective document control processes for engineering drawings: tracking from as-designed to as-built, pathing issues with XREF files, etc..

    Our courses are generally tailored to business issues and outcomes rather than deep-dive technical issues - think your business unit managers and your knowledge workers rather than your geologists and engineers. What one thing would you want them to know about information management to help ensure efficient, safe operations? I'd welcome your feedback here or directly at jwilkins@....

    Jesse Wilkins, CIP
    Director, Certification