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September Oil & Gas SIG virtual meeting

  • 1.  September Oil & Gas SIG virtual meeting

    Posted 09-07-2016 03:22


    On Monday, September 26 we will organise our September virtual meeting. Your host will be the new AIIM Oil & Gas SIG leader Pieter Lokker and our feature presentation is entitled "Information handover hangover" (more info below). We have set up two virtual sessions:

    Session 1: Monday, September 26 

    9 - 9.45 am Amsterdam time / 10 - 10.45 Moscow  / 12 - 12.45 Mumbai / 15 - 15.45 Perth / KL

    Session 2: Monday, September 26

    16.00 - 16.45 Amsterdam time / 15.00 - 15.45 London 10.00 - 10.45 New York / 9.00 - 9.45 Houston / 8.00 - 8.45 Calgary

    If you are interested in attending one of these sessions and you have not received an invitation, please reply to this message and we will forward you the calendar invitation. The session is open for SIG members and non-SIG members.


    Our main topic today is the presentation by Alan Hanratty (Phusion IM): “Handover – The Hangover

    Although the importance of having a robust and accurate EIM infrastructure at the point of project handover and beyond is being increasingly recognised by many asset intensive businesses, as evidenced by an increase in investment and awareness across the industry in recent years, there still exists a strong argument that the benefits are falling short of expectations.

    There are several reasons handovers engender 'hangovers' of varying severity, depriving businesses of true benefits. This presentation aims to highlight some of them and, more specifically, how poor ones can spell trouble for operators throughout the asset life-cycle as well as the strategies that can be adopted to fix them.

    Alan is an experienced global sales professional who has worked in several leading commercial roles in the Chemicals, Polymers and O&G sectors over a 25 year period for numerous blue-chip organisations selling and promoting a variety of products ranging from process technologies, unique and commodity catalysts systems, and led the delivery of a number of turnkey O&G projects in the Middle East. Although he confesses he’s not an IM expert having just joined the sector, he does have extensive experience of the challenges one might face from an operations perspective accessing reliable engineering information from asset registers across various points of an asset’s life cycle.

    Dennie Heye
    AIIM Oil & Gas SIG

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    Posted 09-08-2016 06:34

    Should be interesting and useful, looking forward to it!

    Neale Stidolph
    Sales Director
    Sword Group
    [City] [State]
    United Kingdom

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    Posted 09-15-2016 08:23

    Hello very interested to attend. Can you please forward me a calendar invitation. Many thanks Hank

    Hank Malik
    KM Lead, PDO, Oman

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    Posted 09-26-2016 11:07


    today Alan Hanratty from Phusion IM shared his experience and recommendation with us about information handover in projects. Attached is his presentation and a recording of the session.

    If you have questions for Alan, or want to discuss the topic further, please use this discussion thread.

    Best regards,


    Dennie Heye
    AIIM Oil & Gas SIG Leader


  • 5.  RE: September Oil & Gas SIG virtual meeting

    Posted 08-23-2018 16:51
    Any plans to reprise this event this year?  Could be the same subject, updated, or a different subject.  Given the number of Energy Patch companies I'm seeing who are moving to the Cloud (typically O365) these days, and the RM challenges that such migrations introduce, I wonder if that might be a useful topic.

    Mitch Shults, RecordPoint Software