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Webinar: The road ahead for information professionals

  • 1.  Webinar: The road ahead for information professionals

    Posted 02-16-2016 05:39

    The AIIM Oil and Gas SIG (Special Interest Group) is hosting a Webinar on Tuesday 23 February, if you wish to attend please send a message to Dennie Heye via e-mail  Dennie.Heye@...

    Webinar Details:

    The road ahead for information professionals

    In this session, David Jones (VP of European Operations at AIIM Europe) will show us what is ahead:

    • The state of the information industry;
    • The trends in the information industry;
    • The state of the oil & gas industry;
    • How this affects information professionals around the world;
    • How AIIM can help us be successful

    David Jones is VP of European Operations at AIIM Europe - and is responsible for delivering AIIM's Information Management related products, services and membership throughout the European territory.David is an established and well respected ECM thought leader and regularly communicates these insights via industry events, webinars, social media and video.

    He has over 20 years’ experience of working with users and vendors across a wide range of vertical markets. His experience has focused on taking complex technologies, such as data mining and document management, and developing them into commercial solutions largely in the retail, web and customer relationship management (CRM) areas.

    Maria Lim
    Senior IM and SharePoint Consultant
    IM Tech Solutions Ltd