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Back-up of Information Practices

  • 1.  Back-up of Information Practices

    Posted 09-28-2015 07:05

    OPG is looking for best practices in the area of back-up and would greatly appreciate your feedback: 

    1)   What media do you use to back-up information, e.g., tape, online storage, other?

     2)  What duration is back-up media retained for the following scenarios (i.e., tape back-up or other online back-up copies)?

     a)  Official records repositories (document and records systems).

    b)  Email

    c)  Employee personal file storage locations

    d)  Sharepoint team sites

    e)  Other application environments.


    3)      Describe tape (or back-up) rotation policies in terms of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, other?

     4)      Describe any policies that drive the above questions, e.g., regulatory, legal requirements, such as Freedom of Information requests, other investigations, etc.

    Francine Van Sluytman
    IT System Analyst
    Ontario Power Generation