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NCCAIIM is a group dedicated to networking and equipping Information Professionals in the Washington, D.C. area. We are the National Capitol Chapter of AIIM International. We meet together for networking, learning, and fun. Join us!

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  • I'll be there too. ------------------------------ Katherine Goss Zimmerman ------------------------------

  • I'll be there! :) ------------------------------ J. Kevin Parker, CIP ------------------------------

  • Hey DC regional peeps - I'm pleased to say that I'll be speaking at the next AIIM National Capitol Chapter meeting. I'll be leading a discussion on how to incorporate the structure, culture, personalities, and audience in how you talk about your IIM projects ...

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  • Good news - we’ve updated Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam! For the last six months, a group of very experienced subject matter experts has been revising the CIP exam, program, and training. With any change comes questions, so I thought I would take some time to answer some of the ones I’m sure you’re asking.
  • Did you know that AIIM is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) ? Our BOD is the governing body of our Association. We rely on this group of individuals to help us establish strategic direction and set policies. Members of the Board represent a cross-section of our community...
  • Sometimes a little too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. An overabundance of motivation can lead to stress, fatigue, and burnout. According to the Harvard Business Review, the majority of managers now spend over 85% of their work time checking emails, checking up on meetings, connecting with people over the phone, and checking their phones...