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Online Etiquette Checklist using Microsoft 365

By Shawn Acheampong posted 05-26-2020 12:28


MS Office and Office 365 have been around for some time now. However, now more than ever, our culture is now being reshaped based on ‘how’ we use our productivity tools. Communicating, collaborating on projects, and even getting rid of mind-numbing tasks, like typing a document, re-keying it into a spreadsheet, filing the new document, converting it to a PDF, and emailing it, have never been easier.


Here are Tumii’s nine Microsoft 365 tips to build an online etiquette within your workplace.


  1. TEAMS for your team 

MS Teams serves as your central communication vehicle for chat, email, and other collaborations. This is a great way to host online meetings and communicate with your colleagues, individually or as a group. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Excel, SharePoint, OneNote, and a variety of other business tools. You can also use bots to automate messages, create polls, and connect your email and chat sessions. 


  1. OneNote for the win

This is a great program for note-takers. It provides a flexible way to brainstorm ideas, link them together to form concepts, and transform your ideas into documents, slide decks, and spreadsheets. You can access OneNote through SharePoint and Teams, and even from your mobile phone. 


  1. Sharing with SharePoint and OneDrive

You can save team documents to SharePoint, and use OneDrive to save documents that should not be viewed by the rest of your team. They each allow you to collaborate and co-author with your colleagues by updating documents simultaneously. You can even create personas to control who can view your content based on their role (manager, analyst, front counter worker, etc.). Be sure to leverage their libraries, lists, and categories to make it easy to find what you're looking for. 


  1. Retention labels – the easy way

Microsoft’s Retention Labels make it easy for you to stay in compliance with your company’s data privacy and security protocols. You can build labels and label policies, and you can deploy those policies using Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams. You can also use calendar-based or event-based retention rules to manage your automated workflows. 


  1. Discover Discovery

When preparing for litigation, audits, and FOI requests, using Discovery gives you compliant, secure options to meet your needs. You can conduct full-text or properties-based searches, similar to the way you conduct searches on Google™, and then organize the information by case. You can also export your results and apply legal holds.

  1. Planner for Success 

MS Planner can help you stay organized for your team projects. This work management app displays your projects in various formats so you can see who's working on assignments, their progress, and deadlines, which will help you simplify activity coordination. It allows also you to collaborate, create reports, and integrate with your other Microsoft apps.  


  1. Stream for our team

Stream is an app that is similar to YouTube, but it's used for internal videos. It allows you to record Teams meetings, upload new videos, and like and share them with your colleagues. There is limited storage capacity, but you can purchase additional storage based on your team’s usage. 


  1. Automate your life 

Use Power Automate (aka "Flow") to create automations to run routine tasks, like creating lists, populating documents, and sending routine emails. This can help you save time and money by reducing the need for redundant activities. Automations help you simplify your work and improve your efficiency. You may be surprised at how much time you save with simple automations to make your life easier. 


  1. On-the-go

Download the Microsoft Office mobile app to your mobile device to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more. Be sure to login to synchronize your data and seamless transition between your mobile device and your computer. 


Be sure to incorporate these valuable resources into your work day to stay organized help you reach your productivity goals. And if you would like more assistance helping your team to collaborate while working remotely, contact Tumii Transformations today.