AIIM Open Forum

Key skills for records managers to best work with information governance

By Karen Guglielmo posted 09-06-2018 09:02


Records management and information governance are interlocking disciplines that share similar goals: to create and enforce a disciplined process of handling records at every stage from initial acquisition to archive or destruction. But the pressures on the two groups are different enough to occasionally bring them into conflict. That’s why relationship management is becoming one of many key skills for records managers.

Information governance is about strategy while records management is about execution. Governance creates a framework for controlling information to meet compliance guidelines, minimizing legal risk and meeting the information needs of the organization. Records management executes against that framework.

Where the two can come into conflict is if communication is inadequate or pressures from the business side encourage records managers to skirt the rules. For example, the marketing organization’s interest in keeping years of customer records for segmentation analysis may clash with the compliance group’s needs to conform to disposal schedules. Maintaining strong communication channels with information governance gives records managers the confidence and support to keep in line with the rules. Here are a few ways to build that trust: